A little about me. I am a 53 years old wife, mum of 5 and nanny of 12.. and our children aren't finished yet! The most important role I have held was being a mum and now being a nanny and part of that was always and still is creating things for my children. I was a full time mum until my youngest started school then held several positions all in sales and marketing or alike. I'm a crazy entertainer so you wouldn't just be asked to dinner. It would often be themed and I'd make you dress up to the theme of the meal I cooked!

Then just after my 40th birthday I noticed small but significant changes to my body, prior to that I'd been a single mum renovated houses from top to bottom, mixed cement, laying bricks, tiles etc. I loved the fact I was competent and could cope independently. I felt like I could leap small buildings in a single bound.

After 5 years, and about 8 Neurologists and Rheumatologists I was eventually diagnosed with a very rare neuromuscular disease called Inclusion Body Myosities. It had been overlooked by many as it is a) rare and b) usually found in men over 65...

I was literally 1 in a million to be a 45 YO woman with it. It was then and remain to this day, my neurologist's youngest patient she has with it(though I know of others through Facebook support groups around the world who are also my age).

There is no cure, basically my muscles will just keep wasting away untill wheelchair bound 24/7 and needing a carer full time for all my basic needs. As it is now, I've had several bad falls so I have a carer with me during the day while my hubby is at work.


Then I discovered JR's Water based Resin and it changed my world!


When I lost the use of my hands, with it I lost my sense of purpose. I felt I was good for nothing. It didn't matter what my family or friend told me. It had been so many years since I had felt it. I'd honestly forgotten what it felt like. Plus it's non toxic so it is completely safe.

I hope this How to. helps you on your journey, but for more live videos on different techniques join my facebook page and you will find lots more info and ongoing tutorials as well as being able to post comments and get answers to any questions you have along the way.

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